English Language Course/ Playgroup for Toddlers

English language course / Playgroup for toddlers

Parent-Child Course for Early Childhood English Language Development (from age 2) as Preparation for General Professional Life

Course description

The English language is increasingly a prerequisite in the professional world, regardless of the chosen career.

Especially young children learn with an ease they will never have later in life. Therefore, it’s never too early to start getting accustomed to the English language. Everything children learn before entering school becomes part of their habitus and does not need to be trained later. As young children are primed to learn language, they absorb it naturally through play, and this does not affect their mother tongue.

Therefore, in our English language course, we don’t drill vocabulary or practice grammar, but instead, we use the immersion method. This means that the instructor consistently speaks English, fully immersing the children in the language. During activities like playing, singing, eating, painting, crafting, and rhyming, objects are named and actions described. Attractive images are used as supportive tools.

By clearly differentiating the English-speaking person from other German-speaking caregivers, the child will understand the distinction and associate languages with specific people or contexts, thus being able to learn multiple languages in parallel.

The courses are thematically structured and the activities, games & songs are selected to match the course theme. Learning content, such as colors, numbers, shapes, accompanies the children throughout all the courses. The overarching course structure is the same in all our courses, so that children can quickly find their way when switching courses or booking multiple courses.

Since language acquisition can only be achieved through continuity, the English language course is particularly aimed at those interested in participating regularly and long-term.

The course is designed to continue up to school entry, with the play and learning offerings being adjusted to the advancing age of the children.

Benefits of our English Language Course for toddlers

  • Conducted by native speakers

    The course offers an authentic and natural learning experience for your child.

  • Early Language Acquisition

    Harness your child’s natural learning ability during an advantageous developmental stage.

  • Playful Learning

    Learning English through fun and interaction – no dry vocabulary and grammar.

  • Support for Parents

    Tips and guidance on how to support your child in the language acquisition process.

  • Flexible Course Times

    Courses take place on Thursdays and Saturdays, with the option to join at any time.

  • Adaptation to Every Age

    The course evolves with your child and adjusts to their growing abilities.

  • Small Class Sizes

    Personal attention and individual support due to limited class size.

Goals and Contents of the English language course for toddlers

  • Language acquisition from toddler age
  • Cognitive and social development
  • Building an understanding of language
  • Support bilingualism
  • Long-term engagement
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Course Information


4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
ongoing, except during holidays


10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
ongoing, except during holidays

You can join as a subscription anytime, as long as there are available slots.

Upcoming trial lessons:

Saturday, 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
Thursday, 16:30 PM to 18:00 PM

Upcoming courses:

Thursdays at 4:30 PM
starting from March 07, 2024 / 6 sessions

Saturdays at 10:00 AM
starting from March 02, 2024 / 8 sessions

English language course €19.00 per double lesson

Subscription 3 months €18.00 per double lesson
Subscription 6 months €17.00 per double lesson
Subscription 12 months €16.00 per double lesson

Subscriptions renew automatically on a monthly basis.

Monthly debit of the units that have taken place.


Bonner Straße 68a
53757 Sankt Augustin

This course is held in cooperation with FABI Rhein-Sieg.

Number of Participants:

Due to space limitations, the number of participants is limited to one parent per child.

To convey the English language natively, meaning that children acquire the English language intuitively in activities/play, just like their native language.

Parents learn how to support their children in acquiring a second language and where the boundaries are, or what hinders the process.

Target Audience:

[Tiny] children, starting from 2 years old, who should/want to learn the English language as early as possible, and possibly have one or more caregivers who already speak English natively.

Immersion method,
situational approach

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