Tutoring in Bonn/Rhein-Sieg District

Our sustainable tutoring focuses precisely where the need exists. We concentrate not only on the school curriculum, but also identify knowledge gaps and instill confidence and independence in students, enabling them to catch up as quickly as possible.

Careful preparation for class assignments, tests, and exams is, of course, part of our service. It is important to us that students approach these challenges with confidence and security, overcoming fear and excelling in their exams.

In our teaching, we pay attention to age-appropriate and learning-type-appropriate teaching methods, variety, diversity, and motivation.

Our over 10 years of experience and competence have already been successfully applied in the past, and we want to continue supporting all students who need help, assisting them in managing their school routine as smoothly as possible.

What we offer:

Individual tutoring at home
in Bonn/Rhein-Sieg District

Individual online tutoring

Group classes at the Nachhilfe Campus in Sankt Augustin
Sankt Augustin

Exam preparation

for all levels:

from 1st to 13th grade

up to the 3rd year of vocational training

Any semester in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs

in all subjects

German, Mathematics, English, French, Latin, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Biology, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Geography, Social Studies, History, Pedagogy, Accounting, Finance, Business Administration

for all types of schools/educational institutions

Elementary, Vocational, Main, Real, Comprehensive, and High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Specialized Schools

with qualified teaching staff

Minimum of 2 completed semesters in the subject to be taught

Didactic & methodological expertise

Over 10 years of experience

(since 2011)

personal contact Person

A management team is available to answer all your questions!

private tutoring in a professional setting

Owner-managed tutoring service

Individual tutoring

Individual tutoring
at home

Group classes
at Campus

Exam preparation
at Campus

Math group classes
for Q1

English language group
for toddlers

Our team

This is what our teachers say about working with us

The satisfaction of our students speaks for itself.

After a stay abroad, I needed to catch up on the mathematics curriculum of the EF [11th grade in the German education system]. With the help of Ms. van der Linden, I was able to do this in a short time. Moreover, she accompanied me until Q2 [12th grade] with great success. Ms. van der Linden is friendly, patient, and motivating. These tutoring sessions were a lot of fun for me. Thank you very much!!

W. Jansen, Feburary 14, 2023

I am very satisfied with the contact. The provider responded immediately and even came to visit us personally. The trial lesson was very successful. All in all, a reputable provider. Many thanks.

V. Z., October 1, 2019

Mrs. van der Linden is very nice. She is very dedicated and patient in teaching her students the mathematics material. I can really recommend her highly. Mrs. Geile made the right choice and selected the appropriate tutor for me. Many thanks to Mrs. van der Linden for your support :)

A. A., May 13, 2020

We would like to thank Mrs. van der Linden for the excellent tutoring and her tremendous effort. It worked out wonderfully for preparing for the mathematics final exams, especially during the Corona period when schools were closed, and the results were great.

F. E., July 6, 2020

We received very competent and individually tailored tutoring through Mrs. Geile. There was a very fast and extremely flexible handling of the tutoring hours. We can highly recommend the institute. If we need support again, I will contact them. Many heartfelt thanks.

Petra Simon, July 15, 2019

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