The selection of teachers

The success of teaching relies heavily on the quality of the teachers. That’s why we pay close attention from the beginning. Our applicants are thoroughly scrutinized, as not everyone is suited for teaching. We closely examine high school and university diplomas to verify who is truly proficient in the subjects to be taught.

However, beyond subject knowledge, it’s crucial whether this knowledge can be imparted. Therefore, we place great importance on methodological and didactic skills, which can be acquired in various ways.

Lastly, the personal touch makes a difference. To effectively engage with children, teenagers, and young adults, and to be seen as a role model and mentor, requires more than just knowledge and skill. Personality is key…

TutorWatch teacher training

While teachers often come equipped with subject knowledge, especially younger teachers can find methodological and didactic tools challenging. Therefore, all teachers must complete the certified tutoring teacher training with our partner, TutorWatch, before they can begin teaching.

This training covers topics such as forms of tutoring, lesson procedures, learning prerequisites, learning types, discipline conflicts, didactic-methodical tips, motivation, no-gos, exam preparation, and much more. To ensure learning success and the quality of the teachers, the training concludes with an exam that must be passed.

For VNN members, there are two additional non-exam-related learning modules available free of charge: “Learning Problems and Solutions” and “Puberty, Motivation, and School.”

We have been a VNN member since 2015

All tutoring institutes that are members of the Federal Association of Tutoring and Afternoon Schools (VNN e.V.) guarantee high quality standards. This provides you with orientation and security. Whether you are looking for tutoring in small groups or individual lessons, all members guarantee individual support for each student.

Before the start of individual support, an analysis of your learning and performance level is conducted. The need for support is derived from this diagnosis. Qualified and competent tutors individually address your difficulties and develop a detailed support plan to address knowledge gaps.

To meet its own claim of being a serious and competent point of contact and cooperation partner in the educational policy sector, the association has imposed a code of honor to which all member schools commit.

VNN Academy for teachers

Since 2022, VNN e.V. has been providing further education for teachers at its own academy. All teachers from tutoring schools or regular schools can participate.

The continuous further education of our teachers is very important to us, so that they can in turn provide high-quality teaching for you. Therefore, our active teachers can participate in these 90-minute online training sessions free of charge. We cover the fees.

The training sessions take place every two months and are conducted by externally hired renowned experts on topics relevant to educators. Here too, the high quality standards of VNN e.V. and its member schools are reflected.

Nachhilfe Campus Trainings and Workshops for Teachers

We take it a step further by offering in-house training in addition to the online training of the VNN Academy. Our internal training sessions take place in person at the Tutoring Campus in Sankt Augustin and serve not only for knowledge acquisition but also for exchange and team building, thus providing a motivating factor for the teachers.

Another advantage is that these trainings can be tailored specifically to the needs and wishes of our teachers. Thus, topics are chosen appropriately for the situation and are professionally prepared. The teachers are motivated to contribute and are provided with materials that they can use in their lessons.

In addition to food and drinks, our internal trainings are also free of charge for the teachers.

EVALUATION and QUALITY MANAGEMENT are emphasized in our approach

After the lesson is before the lesson. Our teachers meticulously record what they have done with you in class, what went well and what didn’t go as well, in order to seamlessly continue from there in the next lesson. This ensures continuous learning that leads to success.

But those who wish to encourage students to improve must lead by example. Thus, our teachers are motivated to continually reflect on and improve themselves to offer the highest quality teaching.

What applies to teachers also applies to the management. I have set a goal to always strive to be better, to develop and grow.

Mistakes should always be seen as opportunities for improvement, never for negative judgment! Because only those who make mistakes and learn from them can truly grow.